Japan’s FREEMIUM Amusement Park: Fuji-Q Highland

Fuji-Q Highland Amusement Park is like Japan’s version of Six Flags. Fujikyu has the most extreme roller coasters in Japan and a few of them are the best in the world. If you’re seeking thrills, a relaxing day or to spend time with the family, Fuji-Q Highland amusement park is worth a visit!

Fuji-Q Highland: 7 Japan Amusement Park Tips

Fuji Q is one of the best theme parks in Japan for thrillseekers. I’ve been to Huis Ten Bosch and USJ, but love Fujikyu Highland the most for their variety and special features.

  1. Get there early! The lines in Japan can be crazy so if you want to get max value from your admission fee, be sure to get to the park at least 30 minutes before they open and be prepared to run towards the Japan roller coasters you want. If you plan on just having a family day with your kids, the lines aren’t long for any of the rides. Only the Fuji Q Japan roller coasters have the longest lines
  2. Pay for the tickets you need! Ticket prices can be a full day pass, afternoon pass or you can pay individually for any of the Fuji Q Highland rides. For a dull day pass, you’ll need to go on 3 of the most premium Japan roller coasters in the park (each cost ¥2000 to ride),
  3. Have a game plan! Fujiyama and Takabisha roller coaster are extremely popular. Map out which Fuji-Q rides you want to go on first.
  4. Book your bus tickets in advance! You don’t want to risk purchasing bus tickets on the same day because they have a chance of selling out. If you’re using a JR Pass [Buy Japan Rail Pass from Klook], you can still get to Fuji Q Highland from Tokyo via train, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll have a seat on the train. You can get round trip bus tickets and the day pass discounted online [Purchase on Klook] and you can get [$5USD Off your first Klook Purchase]
  5. Be ready for rain! If it rains, they shut down the roller coasters until it stops raining. Be sure to have an umbrella (your hotel typically has them for free) and make a plan for the indoor rides like Fuji Airways (and many others).
  6. Save money on lockers! Lockers are available at the theme park and at the nearby train station. For rides where you can’t bring your small bag, like many other Tokyo theme parks, Fuji Highland provides free lockers for use during your ride. I highly suggest you have a small travel bag when getting around and I love the functionality of this passport wallet [See on Amazon].
  7. Don’t be confused by “Free Pass“. The Fuji-Q “Free Pass” is the full day or afternoon pass that you have to pay for. “Free Pass” just means you’re “Free” to go on any of the Fuji Q Highland rides.

Fuji Q Opening Hours

The Fuji Q Opening Hours may vary from month to month. The official site can confirm the operating hours. You should confirm the hours before booking your trip and you should also check the weather. Fuji Q Highland Theme Park Japan is open every day but will close down some rides when it’s raining. Generally, Fuji Q operating hours are from:

  • 09:00 – 20:00: Monday to Friday
  • 08:30 – 21:00: Saturday and Sunday
nrt airport to mt fuji

Getting to Fuji Q Highland From Tokyo

Highway Bus

Taking the Highway Bus to Fuji Q Highland From Tokyo is your easiest, cheapest and most direct option. Tickets for the Highway Bus may sell out (during the prime-time Japan amusement park hours) so you should book your tickets in advance.

The Highway Bus is awesome because it leaves from several different parts of Tokyo and brings you directly to the Fuji Q Highland. I personally prefer the Highway Bus because it’s much more comfortable than the train. You get your own seat, it has a USB outlet, there’s WiFi, you don’t have to transfer at any stations and best of all, it’s the CHEAPEST option to get to Fuji Q Highland from Tokyo.

Additional transit information to Fuji-Q Highlands from Tokyo can be found at the official site.

Shibuya/Shinjuku Station: Tokyo to Fuji Q Highland Theme Park Japan

There are several buses every hour operated by the Keio and Fujikyu bus companies. You can find the full schedule here and you can make highway bus reservations online here.
Cost: ¥2,000 each way

Akihabara Station: Tokyo to Fuji Q Highland Amusement Park Japan

There is a direct bus once per day from Akihabara Station to Fuji-Q Highland theme park Japan departing at 7:20am and arriving at 9:10am. The return bus from Fuji-Q to Akihabara departs at 18:23 and arrives at 20:30. The official schedule and you can book online here.
Cost: ¥2,000 each way

Tokyo Station: Tokyo to Fuji Q Highland Theme Park

There are several buses every hour running from Tokyo Station to Fuji-Q Highland (Tokyo theme park). You can find the full schedule here and book online here.
Cost: ¥2,000 each way

HND Haneda Airport: Tokyo to Fujikyu Highland Park

From Haneda airport, there are 6 buses throughout the day that will take you from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Fujikyu Highland amusement park. The ride takes about 2.5 hours and the schedule can be found here. Tickets can be purchased in advance by calling the bus call center (listed on schedule) or booked directly at Haneda airport.
Cost: ¥2,470 each way

NRT Narita Airport: Tokyo to Fujikyu Highland Amusement Park

There are only 2 buses that will take you to Fuji-Q Highland from Narita Airport. They depart at 10:30 and 12:30, and take approximately 3h20m. You could do this, but you’re missing out on a lot of your day at this Japanese amusement park since you get there late (and probably tired. But, if you’re still up for it here’s the schedule and you can book online here.
Cost: ¥4,500 each way

Train from Tokyo to Fuji-Q Highland Theme Park

Taking the train to Fuji Q Highland from Tokyo isn’t exactly easy, but it is possible. It’s pretty expensive to take the train, but if you’re using the JR Pass, then it’s worth it. Depending on where you’re coming from in Tokyo, you may need several transfers. [Buy Japan Rail Pass from Klook]

For the Shinkansen or JR Express trains to get to Otsuki Station. From Otsuki station, you’ll need to take the local Fujiyuko Line to Fuji-Q Highland Station. This will take approximately 59 minutes and will be an additional cost of ¥1,080.

Unfortunately, the JR Pass is only good on transportation operated by the JR company. The Fujiyuko line is operated by a different company.

Fuji-Q Highland Price:

Entrance Ticket Types

There are 2 entrances for Fuji-Q Highland. There is one right next to the Fujikyu-Highland Train Station (northeast side of Fuji theme park) and then the main entrance (southwest side) is right next to the Fujikyu Highland Express Bus Stop. The Fuji Q Highland ticket price can vary depending if you want to pay for individual rides or if you want to have an unrestricted day pass.

Free Admission Any Time

  • $0 Free Admission: The Fuji-Q Highland Price for admission is $0. It’s completely free if you just want to walk around and take a look at what the Fuji Theme Park has to offer. If you’d like to go on any of the Fuji-Q rides, you may purchase tickets for rides individually from the vending machines once inside. To get the free admission ticket, you’ll need to go to the front desk and ask for a Free Admission Ticket.

1 Free Ride Any Time Of Day With The Mt. Fuji Pass

Included with your purchase of the Mt. Fuji Pass, is 1 free ride at Fuji-Q Highland theme park. If you want to get full value from your ticket, I suggest riding any of Fuji Q Tokyo roller coaster rides that cost ¥2000.

The Mt. Fuji Pass includes a lot of great activities and you can use it for all the buses and trains in the Mt. Fuji area.

[Purchase on Klook]
[$5USD Off your first Klook Purchase]

Full Day Pass Tickets

The full day pass allow you to access Fujiykyu Highland (amusement park Tokyo) for the entire day.

[Purchase on Klook]
[$5USD Off your first Klook Purchase]

Full Day Pass with Highway Bus Tickets

If you’re looking for the best Tokyo roller coaster ride, you’ll have to take 100 minute journey to Fuji-Q Highland theme park. Purchasing a round trip bus ride would cost ¥4000 and a ticket at the front gate would cost you ¥6200 for a total ¥10200. Buying a Day Pass ticket with round trip highway bus tickets only cost ¥8000.

[Purchase on Klook]
[$5USD Off your first Klook Purchase]

Afternoon Pass Tickets

The Fuji-Q Highland Ticket Price for the afternoon is much cheaper and allows you full access to the park after 12pm. Pretty reasonable discount!

Redeeming Your Tickets

After purchasing your tickets online, you’ll get a voucher that you can redeem at the ticket office at the entrances to Fuji-Q (Fujikyu Highland).

Once you have your ticket, you will go through the gates and get your picture taken. Fujikyu Highland uses facial recognition for all park guests. It’s the first time I’ve seen it and it works REALLY well.

Facial Recognition

When first entering the Fuji Q Highland amusement park, you’ll need to scan your ticket and it will register and pair it with your facial data.

If you’ve purchased a “free pass” (paid everything ticket), you’ll only need your face to enter rides. When you go to a ride, there will be a camera and screen that will read your face (super quickly) to see if you can enter the ride for no additional charge. I guess this help prevent people from sharing their annual passes.

Upon exiting the park, you’ll still need to go through a facial recognition scanner to get out. I guess this is to make sure you’re clear to leave or not leave depending on any incidents.

They started using the “face authentication entrance” system 7/14/18 and I think it’s a trend that you will only see at some of the best theme parks in Japan.


I know, this is a weird thing to even bother mentioning, but the restrooms at this Japanese amusement park were outrageously clean and modern. It was as clean or even cleaner than being at home. Trust me, you’ll see it for yourself.

The restrooms in Japan are typically really clean and Fuji-Q Highland lives up to that standard. There’s no problem using toilets here, but if you need help finding one for your next adventure, my “Toilets Near Me” guide post is very helpful.

Fuji Q Highland Rides

Screamer (Thrill Rides and Rollercoasters)

These are the best Tokyo roller coaster rides around. It’s a journey to get to Fuji Q Highland from Tokyo and then you’ll have to wait in long line, but these are the best Japan roller coaster rides!

  • DODODONPA ¥2000: Variable demand pricing
    • Dodonpa is like a rocket ship! It launches you right at the start at 180km/h (112mi/h). The Dodonpa holds the world record for acceleration and largest loop on a roller coaster. When it launches it emits a very loud sound like a small explosion.
  • Takabisha ¥2000: Variable demand pricing
    • Takabisha roller coaster is known for is 121 degree drop and hitting a max speed of 100km/h (60mph). Expect long lines for this Japan roller coaster.
  • Eejanaika ¥2000: Variable demand pricing
    • Eejanaika is a Japanese rollercoaster with rotating seats. Very similar to would you’d find on one of the top rides at a Six Flags amusement park.
    • Eejanaika reaches a top speed of 126km/h.
  • FUJIYAMA ¥2000: Variable demand pricing
    • Fujiyama “King of Coasters” is one of the most popular Japanese roller coasters with wait times in excess of 2 hours on any day.
    • Max speed 130km/h
  • Tentekomai ¥1500: Variable demand pricing
    • This ride set you on a mini plane and launches you in circles high into the sky. For some reason, I fear this type of ride more than roller coasters.
    • Max speed 40km/h
  • Tekkotsubanchou ¥1500: Variable demand pricing
    • I don’t fear roller coasters but I do fear swinging in circles at high elevations. This ride does that. Tekkotsubanchou puts you in a swing, raises you 59m into the sky and swings you around at 51km/h.
  • Mad Mouse ¥800
    • Mad Mouse is a small roller coaster that takes you quickly through a lot of drops and turns. It’s a great starter roller coaster.
  • Red Tower ¥800
    • Do you enjoy being raised 52m into the sky and then dropping at 65km/h? If so, Red Tower is for you!
  • Tondemina ¥1500: Variable demand pricing
    • Tondemina is next to the Pizza-La restaurant and has the logo on it. Since Tondemina looks like a giant pizza, the large disc rotates and swings you around the skiy.
    • Max speed 102km/h
  • Panic Clock ¥800
    • Panic Clock is a giant swing that rocks you quickly back and forth and sometimes doing full rotations.
    • Max Speed 50km/h
  • Nagashimasuka (Water Ride) ¥1500: Variable demand pricing
    • Nagashimasuka is a water ride and you will get soaked! You get on a 4-person circular raft and ride it through several slide. Bring a rain coat or use the full-sized dryer after the ride.
    • Max Speed 29km/h
    • Raincoats can be purchased for ¥100
  • Cool Jappaan (Water Ride) ¥1500: Variable demand pricing
    • You will get soaked on this one. You go up in a large raft than drop into the water at 80km/h. Great way to stay “cool”.
    • Raincoats can be purchased for ¥100


  • Super Scary Labyrinth of Fear ~ accommodating ward story ~ 1 pair ¥8,000 yen (Maximum of 4 people per group)
    • If you enjoy the “Halloween Horror Maze” (mazes that are designed to scare you), this Japanese theme park has it year round. Be quick and try to get out before having a heart attack.
  • Endless mine ¥1,500yen: Additional charges for time.
    • Great if you love darkness, small spaces and restricted movement! Many fears activated all at once


  • 3D shooting ride Scientific Ninja Tool Dojo Hall ¥1,500yen
    • Challenge your friends (up tp 4 in a car / 2 per side) to this shooter game. Hit multiple targets on the 3D screen as it takes you from room to room and lock in that high score!
  • Desperation Fortress 3: Only available to “Free Pass” (full pass) ticket holders.
    • This is a sneaking game! You’ll need to avoid all the obstacles and sneak past security to get you out of this interactive maze.

Virtual Reality

  • VR Dodonpa / VR FUJIYAMA Adults: ¥800 / Children 7-12: ¥500
    • If riding the Dodonpa or Fujiyama is a little too much for you, you can still have a similar experience through this virtual reality ride.

Anime/Manga Attractions

    • Evangelion is kind of a scary world were monsters have taken over and have to be fought back with several Evangelion battle monsters. Take a tour of the popular anime in this Evangelion world.
  • Gegege’s Youkai Yokocho Youkai Ko 噺 ¥800
    • Mizuki Shigeru’s Ge-Ge-Ge Haunted Mansion from the popular anime Gegege no Yaku Yokocho, sit in this haunted house and experience this interactive world.


  • Ninja Way Museum ¥800
    • This is a mini museum dedicated to Naruto Shippuden. In this Naruto museum, experience original art work and exhibits. There’s 2 photo opportunities where you can sit at the Hokage desk or the Madara stone chair.
  • Fuji Airways ¥1500
    • On this Fuji Airways ride, you’ll take a virtual ride around Mt. Fuji. Fuji Airways uses a screen projected ride experience while strapping in guests into moving seats where they can simulate the feeling of flight.
  • Shining flower (Ferris wheel) ¥800
    • A beautiful ferris wheel ride by the center of the park
  • Merry-Go-Round ¥800
    • Race your friends…unsuccessfully.
  • Tea Cups ¥800
    • Just like Disneyland!
  • Wave Swinger ¥800
    • Get on some swings and then swing around (at a reasonable elevation).
  • Sky Cycle ¥800
    • Ride around the park on the sky bicycles
  • Ice Skating Rink ¥1500 Adults / ¥900 for kids / ¥1000 Skate rentals
    • Only open during the winter, they turn the boat pond into an ice rink.
  • Snow Playing Ground ¥800 (Winter only)
    • Only open during the winter, they turn the boat pond into a snow playground.
  • Lisa and Gaspard Dairy of Sky Journey ¥800
    • It’s like Goku’s flying nimbus without the copyright! This cloud sky gondola takes your around this beautiful Japanese theme park.

Thomas Land Japan

Thomas Land Japan recreates the world of Thomas the Tank Engine. A great place for small children to live out the Thomas Land Tokyo experience!

La Ville de Gaspard et Lisa

For fans of Gaspard and Lisa, this small part of the park creates an interactive experience.

The Hidden Leaf Village: Naruto X Boruto

I’m a fan of the Naruto series so I had to check out this Naruto theme park in Tokyo! This was the thing that made me buy tickets to this Japanese theme park.

For full details, check out my Naruto Theme Park post and Hidden Leaf Village Theme Park YouTube video.

Priority Pass: Skip the line Fast Pass

If you want to skip the line, you can buy a fast pass. The price changes depending on the ride, but for the ¥2000 Japan Roller coaster types, it’s ¥1700. The wait time estimates are pretty accurate and you can expect to wait 2-3 hours for the more popular Fuji Q rides.

To save some time and money, I recommend getting to the Fuji Q Highland early! Fuji Q opening hours are from 9am-8pm on weekdays (including Friday) and open from 8:30am to 9pm on weekends. Be sure to get there at least 30 minutes before opening.

The Fuji Q Theme park full admission pass does not include any free priority pass tickets. There is an additional charge for all Fuji Highland guests.

Single Rider Express Line

The popular Fuji Q Highland Rides have a single rider line. To use the single-rider line, it’s the same entrance as the Priority Pass (fast pass) line. It’s not a common feature I’ve seen in Japan theme parks so take advantage of it! If you don’t mind going alone and breaking up your group, you can save a lot of time and money when riding any of the popular Fuji Q Roller Coasters.


There is so much food at Fuji Q Highland. Since you can enter this Japanese amusement park for free, you can really just come here to eat. Of course, prices are higher than any of the other restaurants outside this Japanese theme park.

If you’re looking for food, the best place to start is Food Stadium. It’s located on the south-west side of the park and is 2 levels of food and desserts. Food Stadium is air conditioned and has free charging ports for your electronic devices. There’s more than enough seating here and I’ve seen people use it as a place to take a nap.

Places To Eat at Fujikyu Highland Amusement Park In Japan

You can find over 20 other places to eat, drink or snack at Fuji Q and you can find the full directory here:

10 Interesting Features At Fuji Q Highland

#1 Selfie Boxes

Around this Japanese amusement park, you’ll find little red boxes that look like Mt. Fuji with a “Q” on it. On top of the box you’ll find a little stand for your phone. This Japanese theme park is so considerate that they set up selfie boxes all over the park to help you take pictures at the most iconic locations!

#2 Full-sized Person Dryer

Have you ever gotten wet on a water ride? You could have spent the extra money on a raincoat, but most people will try to save their money. I love how Fuji-Q Highland set up a full sized dryer for people to go into so they can dry their clothes and shoes! I’ve NEVER seen that anywhere before. It’s a very considerate thing to do!

#3 Free Charging Station

Inside Food Stadium you’ll find FREE charging outlets. Each outlet is equipped with 1 electrical outlet and 2 USB ports. Bring you charging cables!

#4 Free Amusement Entry

I love the “pay per attraction” system and the free entry into the Theme Park. It’s like one of those “Freemium” phone games.

Because it’s more cost efficient for families and people who only want to spend some time at a theme park. If the whole family wants to go to the theme park, but let’s say the grandparents go ONLY to help watch the kids, the grandparents don’t waste any money on attractions that they aren’t using.

This is also great if you’re bringing small children to Thomas Land Tokyo. The cost per ride in Thomas Land Tokyo (Fuji Q kids area) is much cheaper than any of the other rides. This benefits parents that bring their children and only want to pay for Thomas Land Japan rides that they will go on with them. Of course, the children’s all day pass is cheaper than the adults by 30% but it still might be cheaper to still pay per attraction.

#5 Single-Rider/Priority Pass

The lines can be crazy long for the best Tokyo roller coasters. Wait times are typically between 2-3 hours! You can either pay ¥1700 for the Priority Pass (fast pass) or get in the single-rider line. I think you’re friendship will be stronger if everyone gets to enjoy more of the Tokyo theme parks rather than waiting in line.

Not to be confused with Priority Pass Airport Lounge Access.

#6 Facial Recognition

The facial recognition system is surprisingly fast and accurate! I had times where I was wearing a hat and hair messed up in different ways, but it recognized me super fast. It was as fast as scanning a ticket. Literally 3 seconds and you’re clear.

#7 Extremely Clean Bathrooms

Wow. I was very impressed by how clean the bathrooms were. The toilets even use the fancy Toto bidet toilets which can be pretty expensive [See on Amazon]. If you’ve ever use one before, you know how hard it is to go back to a regular toilet. For those of you haven’t use one before, you haven’t experienced that super clean feeling.

#8 They Sell Raincoats for ¥100

When you buy tickets for the water rides, they also have the option of purchasing a rain coat for only ¥100. That’s amazing that they don’t go for the price gouging at this amusement park in Japan.

#9 Free Costumes For Pictures

On the 2nd floor of Restaurant Bohatei, they let you wear samurai armor and kimonos for free! The setting of the floor is very Japanese so stop by for some ancient Japanese selfies.
Location: Next to North East Entrance of the park facing the Cool Jappan ride

#10 Vending Machines

For all food, snacks, ice cream, drinks and rides (if you don’t have a day pass), you’ll need to buy it from a vending machine.


Fuji-Q Highlands is one of the best amusement parks by Tokyo and can be reached in 100-minutes. The most popular of course is Disneyland Tokyo, but the lines for everything there are just nuts. So many people visit so you can expect a long wait. I know someone who had to wait 2 hours just to take a picture with Donald Duck.

This is a long post, but if you prefer watching instead of reading, check out my YouTube Video on Fuji-Q Highland Theme Park.