Free Airport Lounge Access With Priority Pass

Priority Pass: Get access to airport lounges with many different credit cards.  These credit cards will typically have an annual free, but some will have no annual fee for the first year.  Having access to a lounge before a flight makes the stress of travel much more relaxing.

Getting Airport Lounge Access

The whole process of taking a flight can be stressful. I get a lot of anxiety trying to get to the airport for a flight because the time it takes to get to LAX can be unpredictable.  Another thing is I hate getting to a place to early and waiting around. The best solution, get there early and wait comfortably at an airport lounge.  This is my story, but should be familiar to you.

Getting To The Airport (LAX)

From North Hollywood to Los Angeles International Airport at 3pm on a Friday afternoon, it took 90 minutes.  For reference, when there is no traffic it takes 30 minutes to travel (less of course if you drive fast).  Once at the airport, it took 30 minutes to get through security.

Getting Through Security

Getting through security always seems like a mess, especially at LAX’s Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT). Mostly because people in line have no idea what they’re doing.  By the time I’m at the checkpoint, my laptop is in hand, shoes/belt off and all items that were in my pockets are now safely in my backpack.  Just a point of reference for those of you who don’t go through airport security that often.

The golden rule for traveling through LAX is to head to the airport 3-4 hours before your flight.  With this much padding you’ll typically make it on time for your flight.  In the event that there isn’t much traffic, I enjoy going to the airport lounges.

Can Anyone Can Get In To The Airport Lounge?

Typically, airport lounges are for frequent flyers, business travelers and the rich first-class people.  But if you happen to be at an airport with a priority pass lounge, you can gain access just by having a credit card an a departure ticket for the day.

Examples of Credits Cards That Provide Lounge Access:

You’d be surprised by the amount of travel benefits you can get by travel credit cards.  I know it sounds like a sales pitch, but I’m not making any commission so this is just for your benefit.  For my trip today, I’m using the Priority Pass (10 visit pack) provided to me by The American Express Hilton Honors card.

  • You can get 4 visits (with up to 2 guests) with the U.S. Bank Altitude Card. Pretty weak considering that there is a $400 annual fee on the card
  • You can get unlimited visits (with up to 2 guests) with the Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card. $450 Annual feee
  • You can get unlimited visits with the American Express Platinum credit card. $500 annual fee
  • You can get 2 visits with the Chase Ink business credit card (you have to jump through some hoops through a program similar to Priority Pass).

Why bother with credit cards?

If you look at it from a responsible spending point, as long as the benefits of the credit card are greater than the annual fee, you’ll come out ahead each time.