How To Take A Failed Journey to Kinosaki Onsen

How To Take A Failed Journey to Kinosaki Onsen

I walked over from the Intercontinental Osaka to Osaka Station at 13:00 to get a ticket for 14:00 train.  There was some difficulty getting a ticket in the office since the attendant’s English was not that good (but my Japanese is worse) so I had trouble understanding him.  I understood enough that there was a train arriving at 14:15 so I had time to go get food.

I returned to the train station and waited from 14:00 to 14:30 in freezing weather (it was snowing earlier).  I walked over to the info booth, showed my train tickets, and asked if the train was still coming.  The attendant had trouble explaining the situation in English, so she crossed her arms to show an “X” and said that the trains are stopped.  Another attendant arrived and explained the trains to Kinosaki aren’t running today because of the weather.  They helped me get a refund and then I was off to find a warm place with wifi.

I found a Starbucks at the station, but after ordering I walked to the back to take a seat then realized I was in a flower shop.  There were only 2 tables outside for Starbucks customers.  Damn.  So cold, but I needed to be there to use the wifi so I can book another place.  A few minutes after looking for a place my nose started running and I knew I was going to get sick if I didn’t book something quick.  I jokingly sent my friend a few days earlier that we’d be staying at a capsule hotel.  I booked that capsule hotel and then made my way for the train to Namba station (capsule hotel is a 10 minute walk from the station).

As I made my way to the Midosuji line, I was walking for 10 minutes with an empty Starbucks cup.  It is very hard to find a trashcan in Japan.  I really wanted to get rid of that cup so I was looking for solutions without littering.  I passed by a restroom in the station and figured their going to have a trashcan.  Success.  I continued to Namba station

As I looked at the map, I just had to head west a block then north 2 blocks.  It took me 30 minutes to find the place.  The crappy Samsung Galaxy S3 phone I bought in Australia kept pinpointing my location several blocks in the same direction so it took awhile to figure out my location.  Luckily I found the highway and the river, which helped me figure out my location.  I eventually found my capsule hotel and noticed that it was kind of in a sketchy area filled with massage parlors and love hotels.  If there was a red light district in Osaka, this would probably be it. Well, I’m glad I only booked one night for $29.  It was $29 because I wanted the exclusive one with more privacy.  The room turned out to be a large locker.

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