Staying Under Budget And Over Another Person: Jacobs Inn Hostel Dublin

I spent 3 nights in this hostel for $25/night while hotels in the same area were going for about $250/night. Even though I like the comfort of having my own space, the hostel was the fiscally responsible choice.

Budget Travel: Staying At Jacobs Inn Dublin Hostel


jacobs inn dublin hostel is located right in the heart of Dublin (north side). The river separates the Northern and Southern parts of town, and the Northern side is known for being more affordable.  Just around the corner from Jacobs Inn, you’ll find bars, restaurants, convenience stores and a supermarket.  With the high prices of Dublin, I found myself eating at the supermarket for a few meals.

The jacobs inn dublin hostel is also located just down the street from an Airlink Express stop. Making it easy to get to the airport.  They sold tickets at the hostel reception desk.


There is Netflix! I was super jet-lagged during my stay so I was watching Netflix from 3am-7am before going to sleep. They also have a pool table, foosball and a ton of electrical outlets throughout the common areas. If you take a seat at the bar, those electrical outlets have USB ports. Vending machines are available in the common area and there is a room for laundry.  Breakfast was provided but I never made it on time. Wi-fi is free.

You will also be provided this key card which you need to get to the room. It opens up all the access doors/floors leading up to your room in jacobs inn dublin hostel.

The Room/Bunk

For $25/night, the place was pretty good. I don’t stay at hostels often but I don’t mind staying at capsule hotels since my experiences with them in Japan have only been positive.

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Always request a bottom bunk when possible. You know how I learned that? Because they gave me the top bunk for all 3 nights of my stay. It is a hassle climbing in/out of the top bunk.  The top bunks also make a lot of creaking noises when you’re moving around so I was trying to be considerate and move carefully.

I was staying in a 6-bed shared room that included a bathroom.  The bunks had a privacy, a reading light and an electrical outlet.  Underneath the bunk were storage lockers. It was summer during my stay and the rooms are not air conditioned. We left the windows open in the room but it got very noisy because there was a nearby train station.

The Bathroom

The room, bathroom and shower were very clean. Towels are not provided but can be rented. There was one other towel hanging other than mine.  That means 4 of the other people staying in the room were not showering.

Surviving With Jet Lag

For some reason, I couldn’t get a comfortable night’s sleep. I was very jet lagged and uncomfortable with the temperature, noise, and top bunk.  On my 3rd night there, I tried to get really tired throughout the day and not take any naps. I even got drunk to make sure I’d sleep. Sure enough, I fell asleep at 1am and was aggressively shaken awake at 2am by one of the people in the room. He whispered, “You’re snoring very loudly and I’m wearing ear plugs.” I believe, I know I snore loudly when I’m really tired.  After that, I couldn’t get back to sleep.

Overall, Jacobs Inn was perfect considering the price.

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