Illusion: Osaka Magic Bar with All You Can Drink Alcohol

Dining & Magic Bar Illusion in Osaka, the most fun nightlife in Osaka spot if you love magic and alcohol! Located a few minutes from Namba station, you can experience all-you-can drink alcohol and magic for 2 hours for only 3800 JPY.

Alternate Titles for this adventure:

  • All You-Can-Drink + Magic = Going out to a show and waking up at home
  • How to survive a magic show?
  • Assault on your liver with alcohol and magic

Which title do you think is best?

illusion magic bar sign

Dining & Magic Bar Illusion: Osaka Nightlife

Getting To Illusion Magic Bar Osaka

Located on the 10F a few minutes from Namba Station and here’s the Google Maps Address. As of the end of 2018, they moved locations but not yet have updated their Google Maps address or website.

illusion magic bar sign

Dining & Magic Bar ILLUSION is located on the 10th floor. We made our way up the elevator and as the elevator doors opened, we were in the shop and immediately greeted. This caught me off guard since I like to look around first to see if a place is worth going into. They were very friendly and immediately showed us to the seats before we could make a decision (I’m glad they did this) since the show had just started. We sat down and accepted the magical ride we were about to be taken on.

illusion magic bar sign

Showtimes and Pricing For Illusion Magic Bar Osaka

Only open for 2 nightly shows at 20:00 and 22:00 off the main street of Dotonbori in Osaka, you can find the magical bar “ILLUSION.” They have a pretty good selection of beverages and you can mix and match the menu for their all-you-can drink course. For only 3800JPY, you’ll get a magic show and 2 hours of drinking.

japanese magic show

The Osaka Magic Show

The Osaka magic show was completely in Japanese, but you don’t need to understand Japanese to understand magic! 

Hour 1: Stage Magic Show @ Illusion Magic Bar

The show was a thrilling 1 hour with several magicians taking the stage. Each magician specializing in a different type of illusion from fire, balance, sleight of hand other things I couldn’t understand. I’m not going to explain too much because you need to see it to believe it.

japanese magic show

Hour 2: Close Up Magic Show @ Illusion Magic

The After-Show Situation

It was strange seeing magicians that had just performed on stage switch over to serving drinks right after the show.  Since the all-you-can drink with show set was 2 hours, we still had an hour to drink after the show.

japanese magic show
The magic trick here is cigarette related
magic fork bent
What the f*rk?
japanese magic show
Super smooth magic = super big confusion

While enjoying drinks at the table after the show, one of the magicians came by and sat at the table.  He started doing close up magic for 20 minutes which completely blew my mind.  Then, a different magician came by and did 20 minutes of a different type of close up magic!  That was actually more fun since it was very engaging getting to be a part of the trick.

The Drinks

Even if you don’t like magic, 2 hours just for the drink service is worth the price. Food is also available, but since Dotonbori is full of high quality food, we were already at capacity.

illusion magic bar menu
Page 1 of menu: food (use Google Translate)

We later found out that you can just come to this bar to drink. Which makes sense since holding magic shows in Osaka all day can be expensive.

illusion magic bar menu
Page 2 of drinks (use Google Translate)

As for the all-you-can drink service that was provided, the drinks were fast and strong!  These were full on drinks each time.  Not watered down and in a tiny glass.  The drinks were served quickly and strangely enough, by the magicians.  I haven’t seen that before. The all-you-can-drink package included any of the drinks on the menu.  Food could be purchased at an additional cost.

illusion magic bar menu
Page 3 of drinks (use Google Translate)

My drink of choice was the highball. It’s made from whiskey and carbonated water. Japan is the only place I’ve seen with this drink being popular, so I went with that.

Other Osaka Nightlife Activities

There’s a few pretty cool late night spots in Osaka:

  • If you haven’t eaten yet, you can get cheap (but tasty!) 100JPY sushi at Kura Sushi until 11:30pm.
  • Space Station is a cool retro console gaming bar. Just buy drinks and there’s no hourly fee.
  • Round1 Arcade is literally the best arcade in the world
  • Game Bar Continue is another retro arcade and you can smoke inside. There is an hourly fee.
  • Test your drunken ninja skills at Ninja Izakaya Osaka.
  • Escape from the Prison Bar Osaka. Just remember to eat at a good restaurant before going since the food sucks.
osaka nightlife


For the price and experience, visiting this place is an absolute must while you’re experience the Osaka nightlife.  Even if you don’t speak any Japanese, you can get by at this place. This was my first magic show in Osaka, but won’t be my last.

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