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Osaka Survival: Drinking, Throwing Ninja Stars and Karaoke


While walking around the food alleys south of Dotonbori, we passed by a sign that got my attention: Ninja Karaoke Izakaya.  Those are three magical words to get me to go check something out.

Ninja Izakaya: Drinking and Throwing Ninja Stars

It was probably fate finding this place…

As I was confirming with my two friends if they’d like to check it out, we saw a very drunk Japanese man stumble out the stairs to exit on the ground floor.  Confirmed. This place will be fun.

We made our way down the stairs to the basement level to access the Ninja Bar.  We were greeted by this very nice lady who seated us immediately.  As soon as we walked into the main bar area, I felt as though I had just made a huge mistake.  There was no one in that bar!

We decided to stick around for a drink since the lady was really nice.  It was 1000JPY for the entry fee which came with a drink and a snack.  We went with a round of beers and some beer nuts.

The lady working there didn’t speak too much English but she was very friendly.  Luckily, one of my Japanese friends was with me to handle the translations.  After getting us our drinks and snacks, the lady began showing us the fun features of the shop.

She started with showing us a hidden ladder that was attached to a wall pillar.  Then a secret “getaway wall” that helped me disappear in a flash.

There was Japanese samurai armor sitting around, and I asked if I could put it on.  The lady there let me try on the armor and sing karaoke in it!  She of course helped me put on the armor since I had no idea how to.  It took 5 minutes to put all the armor on but it felt super cool! Best of all there was no additional cost to wear the armor.

The last and craziest feature of the bar was the weapons wall!  There were some legit Japanese weapons that she let us play with. Of course, I was extra cautious since we were drinking.  She pulled away the weapons wall to reveal a practice board for throwing shuriken!  These were real metal shuriken that we were drunkenly throwing inside a bar! So much danger but so much fun!

We then spent a lot of time singing bad karaoke.  I’m not a great singer but that’s just you just got to let loose and go with it.  After having fun there for 2 hours, we left. On our way out, the bartender gave us ninja masks!

I really wanted to give this place a good online review but I couldn’t find it on any social media.  I guess you can say, the place had a very ninja presence online…

Getting There

Unfortunately, the business isn’t registered on Google Maps.  Here’s the address:

1-6-14 Sennichimae Chimae-ku Chuo-ku Osaka Prefecture  542-0074  Osaka Prefecture Senju Bldg. Annex B1 (Area: Namba (Namba) )

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