Cremia Is The Most Delicious Ice Cream You Will Ever Have

cremia japan

The title says it all. Cremia is a special type of ice cream that I have only seen in Japan.  It’s not available everywhere and it costs much more than regular ice cream, but is absolutely worth it.

Cremia Is The Most Delicious Japanese Ice Cream

What Is Cremia?

From the Cremia website:

“CREMIA” is a premium “Softcream”, the Japanese way of saying soft serve ice cream, with a never before encountered taste. With smooth, rich “cream” created by the fresh cream and a “premium” feel that lavishly uses select ingredients, this “Softcream” is passionate about how it is made.

The rich taste of the cream spreading throughout your mouth and the smooth texture will melt your heart. Moreover, the light texture and pleasing butter fragrance of the radically new langue de chat type cone truly give this “Softcream” a flavor that can be called a “high class sweet.”

How much is Cremia?

I’ve seen the price range throughout Japan from 500JPY to 650JPY for a basic cone.  That is very expensive for ice cream.  You can get an average cone from a convenience store for around 100JPY.  But this is a “high class sweet.”  I’m serious. It taste very refined. Not too sweet and very smooth.

Where Can I Find Cremia?

Any time I found this giant cone display, it was Cremia time! …or as the locals called it, “CT.”  Okay. No one called it that. But they should. It’s sooooo gooood. If you can find horse and whale, you have leveled up to the point of being able to find cremia.
Disclaimer: Cremia did not pay me to promote their product. I just want you to go out there and try Cremia.  It’s a good excuse to go to Japan if you’ve never been.

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