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ANA Business Class: A Relaxing Ride From NRT To LAX

ana business class

I had miles expiring with Singapore Air that I had to burn on this flight. I absolutely didn’t want to waste these miles on this flight though.  Mostly because it’s about 10 hours because of the tailwinds from Tokyo to Los Angeles.  The other way around is around 12-13 hours.  That’s 2-3 hours less business class I’m getting for my miles.


All Nippon Air Business Class: Tokyo To Los Angeles

ANA Business Class Seat

As you can tell from the cabin, the seats closest to the window provide the most privacy. I went with one of these seats.  It’s very cozy.

ana business class ana business class ana business class ife ana business class ife

ANA Amenity Kitana business class amenities

ANA Business Class Provides slippers! It was crazy to me that Cathay Pacific did not provide slippers for their business class passengers.  Once again, #firstworldproblems

The amenity kit was pretty light. Toothbrush, toothpaste, eye mask, ear plugs, lotion and lip balm. The usual.

ana business class ana business class

You can also activate this rad blue light. It looks cool but is incredibly irritating after looking a minute. This was not tested well.

Drinking Sake

I don’t drink a lot of sake. It’s hard to pick a good one at a bar and can get pricey. My favorite thing in business class flights is getting to try a bunch of different drinks.

ana business class sake

Sake is on the left and water is on the right.  During the flight, I was watching a movie and forgot which one is which. I took a big swig of sake and accidentally got drunk.  Once again, #firstworldproblems

ANA Business Class Food

The quality of food and presentation is very well done with ANA. This was the dinner they served a few hours after we left Tokyo.

ana business class ana business class ana business class ana business class ana business class



ANA Business Class Ippudo Ramen Snack

I love Ippudo and Ichiran Ramen. Those are my two favorite ramen chains in Japan.  I wasn’t that hungry, but when I saw Ippudo ramen as an option on the flight, I couldn’t resist.

ana business class

ana ippudo ramen


Overall, a very pleasant (and short) flight.

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